Aquacultura Indonesiana

AQUACULTURA INDONESIANA is an official International scientific Journal of Indonesian Aquaculture Society that publishes original, peer reviewed, English-language papers concerned with the culture of aquatic plants and animals. Nutrition, diseases, genetics and breeding, physiology, environmental quality, culture systems engineering, husbandry practices, and economics and marketing are subjects appropriate for the Journal. Papers in which relevance to aquaculture is not clearly demonstrated will not be considered for publication.


Papers are selected for publication based on scientific competence and the significance of the knowledge or ideas presented. Preference is given to manuscripts that are well-prepared, well-organized, and wellwritten. Fragmentary reports, preliminary studies, simple case reports, baseline data, parasite host or range extensions, and other such curiosities will not be considered for publication in the Journal.


Two main categories of papers are published in the Journal. Review Articles provide objective synthesis of a subject of importance in aquaculture. Reviews should not simply summarize knowledge but should strive to interpret that knowledge and provide sound conclusions based on the available literature. Research Articles are full scientific reports of original research. Research articles are typically of broad scope and interest to other workers in the relevant discipline.