Aquacultura Indonesiana

Aquacultura Indonesiana (AI) (E-ISSN: 2477-6939) is an open access and peer-reviewed international scientific journal published twice a year by Indonesian Aquaculture Society. This journal aims to publishing original research works and critical reviews on all aspects in aquaculture. 

Aquacultura Indonesiana (AI) is publishes original and peer-reviewed, English language papers concerned with culture of aquatic plants and animals. Subjects approriate for this journal would include, but not necessarily be limited to, nutrition, diseases, genetics and breeding, physiology, environmental quality, culture system enginering. husbandry practices, and economics and marketing. Fragmentary reports will not be considered for publication; coherent research should be published in a single paper. Preliminary studies, simple case reports, baseline data, parasite host or range extentions, and other such curiosities will not be considered for publication in the journal.

Two categories of papers are published in the journal:

  • Review Articles provides objective synthesis of a subject importance in aquaculture. Reviews should not simply summarize knowledge but should strive to intepret that knowledge and provide sound conclussions based on the available literature. Author wishing to prepare a review article should contact the Managing Editor to discuss the suitability of the subject for the journal.
  • Research Articles are full scientific reports of original reserach. Research articles are typically of broad scope and interest to other workers in the relevant disciplines

We would like to encourage and invite you to submit manuscript of your original papers for publication in this year issues and next year issues.


  1. Preparation of your original papers (never published and not under consideration for publication in elsewhere) following the AI standard template (
  2. Submit your complete manuscript to AI website (make sure you have the user ID in this journal).
  3. The manuscripts are not follow the template and not good written english will return to the authors, otherwise the right manuscripts will be proccessed and reviewed by 2 reviewers for 3 weeks.
  4. Soon after finishing the review process, the manuscript will be send back to the authors for revision within maximum 2 weeks.
  5. The right revised manuscripts will be processed and accepted for publication in this journal.

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